Casey.18. Chicago. Tattooed.


Neck Deep (by JoeWeiler)

A Day To Remember (by Marcel Weste)

 Bring Me The Horizon 
American Dream Tour
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Just lines - can’t wait to finish it! 

Myles Kimball at Grim North Tattoo &  One King Tattoo.


My sister hasn’t been seen or heard from for over 12 hours. Although this is a common thing we are all very worried because a lot of people have been going missing after warped tour and she had gone alone, with only enough money to get her there and back. Last time I talked to her she was going to go see bayside. If you know ANYTHING of her where abouts please text me 6304532245 and PLEASE share this around The photo above was the outfit she wore to warped tour. Black hair She’s around 5’5 and has a large tattoo of hands on her right thigh. #bringrachelhome

Good luck finding her! Last I saw her she was walking out of the Bayside crowd. Hope she comes home safe.

Bring Me the Horizon by MikkoPylkko on Flickr.

Mayday Parade - When You See My Friends

Real Friends
Warped Tour

That statue honours the first metalbender, Toph Beifong, who expanded the possibilities of what benders were capable of.